Poker Roommate

October 8th, 2004
Old News

I added a side video poker game. You now have more fun stuff to do between hands. I also added a cool splash screen during loading. You can visit the download page to get it.

September 27th, 2004
Old News

I added a side poker trivia game. This way, you have something fun to do between hands, and learn something about poker while you do it. I believe I have sorted out and fixed all the bugs, but if it hangs on you, or does something it shouldn't, please let me know.

September 23rd, 2004
Old News

The first non-beta release is now out. There isn't much else I can add to this program, it does everything I had set out to make it do. If you'd like to see some features added, let me know. There is still some optimization I could do to the existing code, and perhaps add compatibility to other Hold'em web sites. Any favorites?
I've added an FAQ page for any passers by who may have some unanswered questions.
Also, I had an interview on Monday with a construction Engineering firm, I should find out if they want to give me a job today or tomorrow. If it doesn't work out, then I will still be available in the job market.

September 17th, 2004
Old News

I've done a little work on the web site; I've added the man up top. Originally I put black sunglasses on him, but decided he looked too menacing. I think the pink ones tone that way down. I thought it would be cool to draw the face of one of the players on PokerRoom who's front side you never see, then make them my spokesman. Maybe I'll do the man with the hat instead. I'd love some feedback.

September 16th, 2004
Old News

Beta v1.5 is now out. See the download page for information. I have the finish line in sight with this program. I need to write a setup utility still, and resolve a few bugs. Otherwise, the functionality is completely intact. I'm still working on the site, I'm planning on adding an FAQ page, and of course the obligatory download disclaimers and such.

September 15th, 2004
Old News

I'll probably release a Beta 1.5 sometime tonight or early tomorrow. I identified a couple errors occurring throwing the emulation statistic off by about 1/20000. I ran my debugging tests on the latest and greatest version and found no errors out of 530,000 hands emulated, which is pretty exciting; for me at least.
New web site! I just got myself a Wacom Drawing Tablet and all I have to say is wow. I made up some cool Info and Download buttons you may see scattered about the site (perhaps directly to the right...) I've also done this whole new layout, with the shades of green/white color scheme. I am far from finished though, I need to make a cool graphic up top. (I decided the lightning thing didn't really match the theme.) Also, I need to redo the cards you see to the left. I don't think Bicycle would appreciate me using their scanned images you see right now. I just wanted to see how it looked, and it will be replaced soon. I'm making up some nice green cards to match the colors.

Oldest Beta News

I'm still talking to my friend Kevin the artist about helping me out with a cool flash intro. I know enough flash to make it pretty neat, and he graduated with an art degree, so it should turn into something cool. Also, my uncle said he might help me out with some graphics. He owns his own advertising company, and does a lot of art which is absolutely breathtaking. I went up to Wisconsin and fixed his computer, that's where I got sold on the Wacom tablet.
-Beta v1.4 is now out. See the download page for information.
-I need to get some banner ads that might make this project worth my while. I don't intend to have any spyware or adware silent installers built in. I have been considering Google's Adsense for the initial ads before I get some real sponsors. Has anyone had any good or bad experiences?
There is a different form that will pop up on top of this one between hands that will have the ads on it. That way the size of the GUI wont go up, and no one will be annoyed by ads while they are trying to focus on their hands. Rather, they will have something to gaze at and hopefully click on in that boring stint while they wait for everyone else to finish. If you're interested in advertising on this program, email me.
I think I will also have an ads free version for sale, some input on price points would be appreciated.
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