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What advantage does Poker Roommate give me?

Poker Roommate will determine the mathematical probability of getting any given hand. For example, if you are dealt two suited cards - the chances of getting three more cards of the same suite to achieve a flush on the flop, turn, or river only requires a quick computation of the number of suited cards left in the deck, and how many chances you have to get any 3 of them.
Poker Roommate will also find how many players are playing the hand, take your two suited cards and pit them against the same number of random hands as players. It will randomly pick however many unknown cards you have yet to be dealt, and find if you've come up a winner. It will do this up to 100,000 times, thus determining a very accurate average of times won.

Does Poker Roommate send any information anywhere?

Absolutely not. Poker Roommate will not send any information pertaining to any cards you have or have had, any usage statistics or tracking information anywhere, nor does it track anything.

Can this program be used to cheat?

No. Poker Roommate merely gives you the statistical representation of getting any given hand, and emulates completely random hands to pit against your own. Poker Roommate does not detect any other players cards or any unseen cards, nor does it have the ability to do so.

Why is the emulation statistic different even though I got the same cards?

Most likely the number of players has changed. If you have a pair of sevens and are playing against 9 other people, your chances of winning aren't very good. However, a pair of sevens against one other person; your chances of winning have vastly improved. Also, the emulation engine uses random cards to play against, and the statistic can come up slightly different each time. By increasing the number of hands emulated, the statistic will converge.

Is there an Ads-free version available for purchase?

Of course! You can purchase it via the Registration page.

My favorite poker site isn't supported yet, or isn't listed.

Just send me an email with the name of the site in it. As long as a modification to the program isn't required, it will usually take 5-25 minutes to add compatibility to a Hold'em poker game.

My favorite poker site used to work, but now it doesn't. Or it is listed as supported, but doesn't seem to work.

I wish I could sit around and play poker all day on all the sites which are supported to be sure they are all still working, but I have other things to do, like making Poker Roommate better. So I am relying on you to let me know if this happens. Just send me an email with the name of the site in it.

When will Poker Roommate work on Linux/Mac?

As much as I am a big supporter of Linux, I am still trying to get the hang of it.
I would like to implement Poker Roommate in Mono, but it will take some time to get it up and running for full cross-platform functionality.

My question isn't answered here.

If you have trouble using the program, first consult the Help menu. It is a useful source of information. Otherwise email me, your question may very well be a very popular one I can add to this list.

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