Poker Roommate

June 7, 2005
Version 1.10


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Size: ~670 KB
System Requirements

Notes to keep in mind during Use:

  • To save space, the installation file does not come with any plugins.
  • In order for Poker Roommate to read your cards, you must install your Casino's plugin via the Options -> Poker Room menu.
    • Click "Find New" this will fill the list with all available poker rooms.
    • Find your poker site amongst them, Select it and click "Install".
    • After it installs it should appear under "Installed Rooms". Select it and press OK.
    • If you would like to install more than 2 casino plugins, you will have to register.
  • Poker Roommate can only capture the cards you are dealt if you can see them.
  • You will need the .NET framework. You most likely already have it, or you can get it from Windows Update.
  • Poker Roommate requires access to the internet to work, make sure you set those access rights in your firewall when first running it.

Some bug fixes or additions in this release include:

Manual card input is enabled without an internet connection.
Manual card input is brought to front if main form is selected.
New splash screen.
Security update, moved most public functions to internal.
Notification of plugin updates
Registry support for faster loading

Old Releases

Due to plugin incompatibilities, the older releases are no longer available for download. This list is offered as information on the new features and bug fixes of each release.

Version 1.09 released April 18, 2005

Auto-update can be declined.
Some basic bug fixes.
Some GUI stuff.
the room selection treeview interface is now sizable with the window.
Room selection interface can now be sorted by Poker Room name or Poker Network via a new context menu. (right click on the room selection treeview).

Version 1.08 released March 24, 2005

The automatic updater in V1.07 was accidentally excluded from the install package, so you will have to download the setup program to upgrade.
Auto-update feature keeps your release current.
Updated help menu.
Bug that makes it appear some plugins are installed that are not.
Alternate servers list for connection testing
Other small miscellaneous things.

Version 1.07 released March 10, 2005

A new more efficient method of card recognition.
Multiple instance bug resolved.
I rewrote the way the plugins are displayed (the tree viewer) in the poker room selecting interface to work with the new plugins.
I have and will be adding plugins for many poker sites, you can download and install them through the options menu.
You can see a list of all the card-capture supported sites here, or you can click 'Find New' on the Poker Room selecting interface.
I also fixed a major bug disabling PRM to start up correctly on machines running Windows 98-2k.

Version 1.06 released December 2nd, 2004

New room selecting interface
Switched to a plugin based system, other poker sites can now be supported.
A new task bar docking feature, you can just leave Poker Roommate in the task bar if you want to.
A hibernation mode - If you switch to another application or close your poker table, Poker Roommate will use next to no resources, but still be looking for a new table to open.
Now works with the new PokerRoom tables.
The card capturing is now much more efficient.
New splash screen loading bar, and you can hide it by double clicking.

Version 1.05 released November 13th, 2004

Fixed an issue regarding error handling during card capture.
Ads-free activation is now available.

Version 1.04 released October 19th, 2004

A blackjack game has been added; accessible via Options-Games-BlackJack. This way, you have more fun stuff to do between hands.
Some code clean-up, optimization.

earlier Releases

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