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No Limit Fun: Learn To Play And Host A Texas Hold 'em Poker Party

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The Complete Book of Texas Hold 'Em Poker

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Illustrated Guide To Texas Hold Em: Making Winners Out Of Beginners

Texas Hold'em is the fastest growing, most popular game in America. The Illustrated Guide to Texas Hold'em focuses on the type of poker that beginners play, at a level beginners can easily understand.
The Illustrated Guide to Texas Hold'em is a heavily illustrated Texas Hold'em poker book for beginners. Focusing on low-limit play, author Dennis Purdy gives basic instruction on how to play the game and strategies that work.
On each spread, the author shows the readers cards, a picture of a ten-handed poker table, and where the reader is seated in relation to the dealer. The author presents a basic Texas Hold'em poker situation and lets the reader decided his/her move. On the right hand side of the spread, the author will give the correct or best answer to the hand on the table and a brief rationale behind each play.
Comprised of over 100 scenarios, The Illustrated Guide to Texas Hold'em is a beginner's quickest route from novice to skilled player.

Texas Hold'em Poker Strategy Guide

A fun guide to everything you need to know about Poker. Includes a cut out card size guide to take with you!

Doyle Brunson's Super System: A Course in Power Poker

When this was first published in the seventies it caused a sensation. Immediately recognized as the most ambitious poker book ever written, it nonetheless was received with irritation by some professionals because it was believed that Doyle "Texas Dolly" Brunson and his collaborators gave away too much, thereby allowing the amateurs to catch up, thereby cutting into the professional player's take. There is more than a little truth to this accusation. Poker is an ever-evolving superset of games with the individual games changing over time as the players learn how one game and then another should be played. Write a revealing book and the old games disappear more quickly and the "rocks" have to learn the new game in order to continue to make a living. Today's most important games are hold'em and seven card stud. Both are covered in this book, hold'em quite extensively.
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