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Poker Books

Ken Warren Teaches Advanced Texas Hold'em, Vol. 2

Using a step-by-step approach, the world's best-selling author of hold'em books brings out his long awaited sequel, the ultimate book on beating hold'em cash games. 400 power-packed pages show players how to win money using the advanced strategies and plays needed to win in today's hugely popular game. Warren takes an in-depth look at pulling and pushing bets, how to make more money on the flop, when to call down the river and when to fold, pot odds, using position as a hammer, adjusting to opponents playing styles, when to lay down good hands, smart percentage plays, how to play against the flow, strategies to use against new players, and much, much more. Special sections on no-limit hold'em tournaments and internet poker give readers a complete approach to every form of hold'em played. Tons of charts, sample hands, hand illustrations, and real examples make the book's worth ten times the purchase price.

Beat Texas Hold'em

This book covers the hot games right now seen on TV and played by millions nationwide: limit, no-limit, online and tournament hold'em. In each of the four sections games, the authors cover the basics of play, the top 10 tips for winning, 10 essential practice hands, frequently asked questions, review questions and "Dear Tom" stories from readers about actual situations with 1983 World Champion, Tom McEvoy's answers. Light yet serious, with wisdom and a touch of humor, and spiced with anecdotes designed to teach a lesson.

Get the Edge at Low-Limit Texas Hold'em

Low-Limit Texas Hold'em is the fastest-growing casino poker game. But new player often come to the poker rooms completely unprepared to play a winning game. Even so-called "veteran" players are often long-term losers at the game because they have never taken the time to study how to play or analyze their own individual games. As author Bill Burton clearly shows in Get the Edge at Low-Limit Texas Hold'em, a savvy low-limit player can turn a profit at this game by exploiting the weaknesses of his or her opponents, and developing his or her own strengths. In Get the Edge at Low-Limit Texas Hold'em, you will learn:
The basics of proper play; the rules; the protocols
What starting hands play - and what starting hands to throw away The concept of "table position," and how that affects what hands to play The proper times to check, raise, fold, and check raise When to bluff and to semi-bluff How to win in Low-Limit Hold'em tournaments The proper bankroll requirements for the type of games you play in How to size up your opponents and their playing styles The most common mistakes made by novice or unskilled players How to "read" your opponents' tells to gain the advantage Money-management techniques to handle your bankroll In addition, Bill Burton explains his own fascinating journey from the kitchen to the cardroom and how, in just a few short months of intensive study and practice, he became a winning player.

Learn How to Win at Texas Hold 'Em Poker for 5 Bucks (Learn...for 5 Bucks)

Anyone who says, "It doesn't matter whether you win or lose, it's how you play the game," isn't talking about poker. In this game, winning is everything! Which means there's no reason not to invest $5 toward that future $100 kitty by purchasing this pocket-sized guide! In under 50 pages, a master of the game distills his hard-won experience into just the need-to-know essentials: the insights, tricks, tips, and card knowledge required to play winning poker. On each page of this tight, bright, full-color volume, you'll find a full page visual, step-by-step instructions and perhaps a tip or warning at the bottom of the page to alert you to related info not covered in the main text. By the time you finish the volume, you'll be bluffing and wagering your way to victory-whether it's online or at home, high stakes or penne ante.

Texas Hold'em Poker : Claiming $2-$5

This book contains the ideas and strategies you need to win at a high per hour rate on a consistent basis. You will learn theories that most players you'll face don't know or don't understand, but will mean money to you. Simply put, if you sit down in a $2-$5 game and you haven't read this book, you might be giving away money.
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