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The Interface

The small Interface
  • The small Interface contains just the statistical features of Poker Roommate.
  • Some people with large monitors and large resolutions may prefer the larger interface; whereas people with less desktop real estate may prefer the smaller one.
  • Both interfaces show the same statistics, and you can switch between them at any time using the View menu.
The Docked Interface
  • The docked UI contains the same features as the small UI with some major benefits.
  • Poker Roommate will only appear when a new hand has been dealt to you. 
  • Once you win, fold, or switch to another application, Poker Roommate will sink away  staying invisible until a new hand has been dealt.
  • If you close your poker table, Poker Roommate will go into a hibernation mode.
  • In hibernation mode it will use almost no resources until it has detected you have begun playing poker again.
  • You can dock the UI anywhere on the screen, the animation to the right shows one possibility.
  • The dockable UI is only available if you register Poker Roommate.
The Large Interface
The large UI contains all of the features in Poker Roommate.
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