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What is it?
  • Poker Roommate is a standalone program to run alongside any Poker website's Texas Hold'em game.
  • For most poker sites, it will find and capture your hand without user interaction,
  • Calculate the odds of getting any given hand (Flush, Straight, 3 of a kind etc...), and
  • Emulate up to 100,000 hands using the cards already dealt to see how many come up winning.
  • Below is the Large GUI, there is also a considerably smaller interface you can use built in.
  • You can visit the Features page to see everything Poker Roommate is capable of.
  • Poker Roommate is free to download and use, and has no third party Spyware or Adware silent installers built in.
  • You are welcome to visit thedownload page to try it out.
The Large Interface   (A Smaller interface is built in)

  • Version 1.07 is now out.
  • I have written a wizard to create the plugins to other poker sites.  I haven't worked all the bugs out of it yet, but it is functional, and very fast in comparison to how I had done it in the past.
  • I can now add compatibility to a Hold'em game on nearly any site in about 5-25 minutes.
  • This is a very good thing, because I have compiled a list of over260 poker sites I would like to make compatible. 
  • I am still available in the job market.  You can check out my resume.
  • Version 1.06 is now out.  There is a lot of cool stuff added to this release.
  • I have built in a plugin system.
  • Poker Roommate can now read other poker sites, just by downloading and installing plugins.
  • The splash screen now has a progress bar - and you can double click it to make it go away.
  • I added a docking feature - a very cool addition.  You can read more about ithere.
  • There is now a hibernation mode built in.
  • Today is my birthday  :)
  • I finished the activation algorithms, and a payment backend. Thus, an ads-free version of Poker Roommate is now available for purchase.
  • You could give me a nice present by purchasing it so I can be sure my payment system is functional.
  • I've done some work on the web site.
  • I added several pages and remade the card menu to the left.
  • I believe the basic design of the site is nearing completion.
  • I added a side Blackjack game.  You now have more fun stuff to do between hands.  You can visit thedownload page  to get it. 
  • I'm doing a little work on this site.  I did some drawing and added the news and download pictures you see to the right.
  • I still have some things to add to the web site in the upcoming week or two.
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