What is it?

 I am writing a standalone program to run alongside the PokerRoomTexas Hold'em game.

 It will find your hand without user interaction

 Calculate the odds of getting any given hand (Flush, Straight, 3 of a kind etc...)

 Emulate a user input number of hands with the cards you have to see how many come up winning

Where I'm at:

7/10/04I am currently writing the statistics, and have all ready written the code necessary for finding your hand.

 I need to enable different sizes of the GUI for different screen resolutions.  I run my pc at 1280*1024, and have built it accordingly to the real estate I can spare in the corner.  However, when switching to 800*600 the GUI takes up way too much of the screen.


7/12/04I just resized the GUI to the size below - maybe someone running 800*600 or less (is that still possible?) can tell me how much space it consumes on their monitors - perhaps I am being misled by the size it comes up on my 21 in. when switching to 800*600.

 I need to get some banner adds that might make this project worth my while.  I don't intend to have any spyware or adware silent installers built in.  I have actually written a different form that will pop up on top of this one between hands that will have the ads on it.  That way the size of the GUI wont go up.

 I need to snazz up this site. How do you like the graphic up top?  No site can ever have enough flash.  I need to write a preloader its 100k load time leaves an ugly white box when first loading the site.  Or, redo the graphic...  I put too much time into it allready.

 I haven't done anything with the emulation yet.

 I just finished making it compatible with the downloadable version. I had planned on doing that after the first release, but that damn java applet took so damn long to load every time I wanted to run tests.

7/15/04I've docked some things, so now with creative resizing one can get the GUI below. I havent decided if I'll let this be the final way to deal with screen resolution yet though.


Did you know that in c#  the following code:


will sort both hand and handSorted?  That was the underlying factor I hadn't thought of until revamping a whole bunch of my code.  Now I have to go back and change it to what it was.  (too bad my last back up takes me back before I wrote any of it.) I realize now you have initialize them separately in a for loop - but I'm ready to write an angry letter to M$. 

7/20/04I've been knockin out some major statistics; but came across a snag in the fact that in a straight the ace can be high or low.  I've got some revisions to do. 


Are you interested in being a Beta Tester?  Stay tuned, I'll need you soon.

email here



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